129/365 – The Power Grid

129/365 - The Power Grid

The power grid, the nerve of the nation.
We have a power grid line passing near to our place. Me and junior had a morning walk today, took the SEL1855 after a long time.
We are facing a power crisis due to the lack of rain this season, we are getting power from national grid and still that doesn’t meet our needs. So there are power cuts during the peak hour, morning and evening. Power will be cut 30 minutes morning and 30 minutes evening. Still the electricity board is struggling.
I think the global climate change as a result of deforestation and green house effect is having an impact on Monsoon on which our state Kerala survives. If its gone then the state will be a desert like the neighboring state TamilNadu. It s hard time we do some thing to prevent this..
Lens : SEL1855
Camera : NEX-3, ISO-800 (no reason, i forgot to change it to 200 ;D ), F/4.5, 1/500, raw


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