247/365 Jam

247/365 Jam

Lens : Samyang 8mm f2.8, defished
Camera : NEX-3, ISO-200, f/8, 1/125, raw

Yesterday’s traffic block in Trivandrum was one of the worst (developing nation 😉 ) traffic lock during a school opening day.
It took me around 2 hrs to cover 15KMs.
Our government system is completely corrupted and disorganized. The road word and digging the road for pipe line was started just on the day the schools open, when everyone knows that the roads will be busy.
The maintenance work for roads and pipes were delayed till the monsoon started and they will now quote rains as a reason for delaying the work.
It was a ad day for police men also, they had to control this heavy traffic standing in the rain, with no raincoat or cover.
Yes ours is a developing country, always developing since none of the government infrastructure works are completed on time and not completed as per standard, it always developing……..


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