Parambikulam – The Rustic Beauty

We had a drive to Parambikulam 2 months back. I will post some pictures from our travel in this post. I will update the travalogue also as and when time allows. So here are first two pictures.


On the way to Parambikulam through Annamalai Tiger Reserve which belongs to Tamilnadu. To reach parambikulam forest which belongs to Kerala state you have to go through Tamilnadu, there is no direct connecting road through Kerala.



The way to Parambikulam is full of scenic beauties, it is not like the Shola forest we have seen in the Kerala side of Sahyan range. This is an entirely different feeling.

Started at around 6 AM in the morning from Mavelikara we reached Pollachi by 3 PM, We came through a y route suggested by Google, we didn’t tocuched Palakkad or Nenmara but went through a way in between. The road took us to Anamalai, the nearest city to Prambikulam. Since our booking in Parambikulam was on next day 11 AM, we decided to stay some were around. We came to know about stays in Sethumadai and planned to stay there. The resort we stayed was not well maintained, I will not recommend Westernghat resort for that reason. But its located at a beautiful place. Here is a sunset view as seen from our room there.

Nature's Canvas

Nature’s Canvas


365/365 Family

365/365 Family

The 365 project is coming to the final day today. This projects ends today but the journey will continue.
This blog will continue with new photographic exploration. I thank each and every one for viewing the posts, liking the posts and following the blog. Each likes you have given is a great encouragement for me.
The blog started on 25th sep 2013 as a trial post on got kicked off on 30-Sep-2013. First post in the log was that of Junior, Neeraj and the last post in the series is m family, without the support of whom the project wouldn’t have been possible. Junior has posed for me n number of times during the last 365 days. Whenever I run short of ideas for the blog he provides me wonderful poses and shots. Smitha provided me wonderful themes for this blog multiple times when I went short of ideas and stick to flower and leaf pics :).

NEX-3 has proved to be a wonderful tool, even though its part of the entry level NEX series the dynamic range and quality you get from that sensor is amazing. NEX had never let me down in last 365 days. Be it in harsh day light or night shots, the Sony sensor had provided me with wonderful raw images which I can manipulate later.

Last 365 days has been a wonderful learning experience for me, studied a lot more about photography, lights and shading etc. It also helped me improve a lot on the post processing side also. Hope you all also has a good journey along with me following the post. Thank you all…