365/365 Family

365/365 Family

The 365 project is coming to the final day today. This projects ends today but the journey will continue.
This blog will continue with new photographic exploration. I thank each and every one for viewing the posts, liking the posts and following the blog. Each likes you have given is a great encouragement for me.
The blog started on 25th sep 2013 as a trial post on http://365dayswithnex3.myfotojournal.com got kicked off on 30-Sep-2013. First post in the log was that of Junior, Neeraj and the last post in the series is m family, without the support of whom the project wouldn’t have been possible. Junior has posed for me n number of times during the last 365 days. Whenever I run short of ideas for the blog he provides me wonderful poses and shots. Smitha provided me wonderful themes for this blog multiple times when I went short of ideas and stick to flower and leaf pics :).

NEX-3 has proved to be a wonderful tool, even though its part of the entry level NEX series the dynamic range and quality you get from that sensor is amazing. NEX had never let me down in last 365 days. Be it in harsh day light or night shots, the Sony sensor had provided me with wonderful raw images which I can manipulate later.

Last 365 days has been a wonderful learning experience for me, studied a lot more about photography, lights and shading etc. It also helped me improve a lot on the post processing side also. Hope you all also has a good journey along with me following the post. Thank you all…


135/365 – Your ‘Self’

135/365 - Your 'Self'

Shadow is the kind of reflection were you can watch your ‘self’ with out seeing the face and its features;

The face and features that others use to judge you and familiarize with you. Its the shadow that you get familiarize with. Always loyally following you in what ever troule to ou take it to; without asking, without demanding..

Your shadow that your best friend….

134/365 – Lemon Juice, Lemon Juice

134/365 - Lemon Juice, Lemon Juice

The lemon juice seller during the temple festival. It was a wonderful day yesterday. I am back to Trivandrum, will be back to work tomorrow and the normal work week will follow.

The week after next week we have a small festival in the temple near our place hope to get more shots there.

Today its the end of Luca Rossini’s NEX-7 365 project. His blogs have been a wonderful source of inspiration and the cause of me starting a 365 project; which in turn has benefited me the most as far the photographic skills are concerned.

he has promised to start a new project; hope we can hear from him about the project today.

Luca’s blog can be accessed through http://lucarossini.it

133/365 – Kettu Kala (The Bulls)

133/365 - Kettu Kala (The Bulls)

Its festival season at my native. Today its the main festival at Mannalil temple arannoottimangalam, Mavelikara, Alappuza Kerala.

As part of the festival there will be procession that includes giant stuffed bulls called Kettu Kala in Malayalam.

People for the village will pull these bulls by hand and will take them to the temple by night. The atmosphere will be fully charged with multitude of people from all strata of society.

I captured around 2 Gs of shots today. Will create a separate blog for this festival when I hope to get some time next weekend and will announce the link as part of this series.

Coming to this shot; this is a shot created with a combination of 3 vertical shots taken at 35mm (full frame equivalent). The orignal file is around 30 MP and has wonderful details. I plan to print a poster of this shot…

129/365 – The Power Grid

129/365 - The Power Grid

The power grid, the nerve of the nation.
We have a power grid line passing near to our place. Me and junior had a morning walk today, took the SEL1855 after a long time.
We are facing a power crisis due to the lack of rain this season, we are getting power from national grid and still that doesn’t meet our needs. So there are power cuts during the peak hour, morning and evening. Power will be cut 30 minutes morning and 30 minutes evening. Still the electricity board is struggling.
I think the global climate change as a result of deforestation and green house effect is having an impact on Monsoon on which our state Kerala survives. If its gone then the state will be a desert like the neighboring state TamilNadu. It s hard time we do some thing to prevent this..
Lens : SEL1855
Camera : NEX-3, ISO-800 (no reason, i forgot to change it to 200 ;D ), F/4.5, 1/500, raw